Clarity The cleaner a diamond - the more valuable

Clarity refers to the inclusions in a diamond. Virtually all diamonds contain identifying characteristics, yet many are invisible to the naked eye. These inclusions that are present can be seen under the scrutiny of a 10-power magnifying loupe or microscope. These are nature's birthmarks and they may look like tiny crystals, clouds or feathers. The size, nature, location and amount of inclusions determine a diamond's clarity grade.

Flawless & Internally Flawless - Less than 1% of all diamonds ever found, have no inclusions or surface blemishes and can be called Flawless, if a diamond has no inclusions but may have surface blemishs, it is graded Internally Flawless.

VVS1 & 2 - Minute inclusions that are extremely difficult for a trained grader to see under 10-power maginification.

VS1 & 2 - Minor inclusions that are difficult to see under 10-power magnification.

SI1 & 2 - Noticeable to relatively easy to find for a trained grader under 10-power maginification.

I1 - Inclusions are obvious under 10-power magnification and possible to see with the naked eye.

I2 - Inclusions are very obvious to the naked eye.