Purchasing Purchasing, Shipping, Return Policy & Guarrantee

To purchase, simply send email to: 0 and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Daytime & evening phone number
  • What you are interested in
  • Is this a surprise, do you live with the recipent of the gift?
  • Method of payment (do not email your credit card info yet)
  • How did you hear about The Diamond Co.?
  • Or call us toll-free (888) 825-1233 or (212) 819-0336

After receiving your email, we will call you back to finalize the details. Remember, the diamond inventory that is listed is just a partial listing of our complete inventory.


Each purchased diamond will be sent to U.G.L. for verification & an appraisal, we will then send the diamond via U.S. Registered & Insured Mail to you. This gives you confidence that you indeed received the correct diamond and if you need to return the diamond it can be verified by a third party.

Return Policy & Guarantee

Our goal is to make this an enjoyable experience, we will strive to make you 100% satisfied. After receiving your diamond you may take it to a reputable local jeweler to confirm again that you received the correct diamond and what a deal you got, along with your U.G.L. appraisal and the original lab grading report. If you are not completely satisfied with your diamond, just call us within 7 days of receipt of the diamond and inform us why you are not happy.

Once your return is approved, we must receive the diamond in the same condition as when we shipped it to you and received by us within 7days of the return authorization. Once we receive the diamond &/or diamond ring, we will then have it verified once again by IGI to be sure that in fact the correct diamond &/or diamond ring have been returned. At that time, we can either refund or credit your money (minus the shipping and appraisal costs) or exchange the diamond for something else, depending on the method of payment that was used to purchase.

No refunds will be given on any custom made jewelry. Stock jewelry that has not been altered for the customer, will be reviewed for any wear and may be returned at The Diamond Co.'s discretion.

If you have any further questions call us at
(888) 825-1233 or (212) 819-0336

or email: info@thediamondco.com