How much to spend Only you can make this decision

How much to spend obviously depends on a number of factors: The importance of the occasion and what you want to say with the diamond, her expectations, the type of piece or type of design, and of course your budget. All of these play an important role in the monetary part of the decision.

Remember though, your relationship with her is unlike any other in your life. So your diamond should be as unique and special. Your diamond, like your love, will grow more precious over the years and symbolize your love forever. Don't compromise on what she really wants and what you will feel good about giving her.

If you are buying her a diamond engagement ring, many people suggest the two months salary guideline, but it is really up to the individual, some spend less and some spend more. We are in touch with how important this purchase is to you and we will work with you within your budget. Remember, you are buying directly from a diamond cutter, so you will be able to get a better and/or larger diamond for your money or use the extra savings towards the honeymoon or towards a house.

Many people ask:
Will my diamond retain its value in the long term?

A diamond of quality, naturally will always be more valuable than an inferior diamond and will continue to reward you, year after year, with unfading beauty and remarkable brilliance. At any time, we will accept your diamond if you wish to trade up for a larger or better quality diamond. Your diamond will hold its value better than other items, such as a car, boat, fur coat, fine watch and many other items.