Buying Diamonds... ... For yourself.

Women today know that nothing feels better than wearing diamonds. Recently, more and more women are buying diamonds for themselves. In fact a popular fashion magazine polled 400 women and found that 80% had purchased fine jewelry for themselves.

According to another recent study, reasons women buy for themselves ranged from "I did not want to borrow mom's anymore" to "I received a raise and wanted to reward myself" to "I wanted something I could hand down to my children." Popular choices are generally Diamond stud earrings, Diamond solitaire necklaces, or Diamond tennis bracelets.

Diamond solitaire necklaces are not look-at-me, high voltage floodlights limited to gala's and premieres, think of them as subdued sparklers that are perfect for every type of occasion day or night. Some of todays biggest stars have often appeared wearing their Diamond Solitaire Necklaces.

Diamond stud earrings are fast becoming the face-illuminating accessory of choice for celebrities, supermodels, famous athletes and women of all ages. They provide the right "Finish" for every look, from business attire to casual weekend clothes, from evening ensembles to workout wear.

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